Vision,Goals and Direction


The mission of the National Institute of Education Sciences is to identify the country’s changing educational needs, and through innovative reforms, to institute policies and programs that will maximizing the effectiveness of the nation’s schools and educational resources.

說明: and Long-term Goals:

To identify areas of education practice and policy that are in need of reform and development

To undertake empirical educational research in order to develop sound and sustainable educational policies that will improve educational outcomes

To strengthen China’s international influence in the field of educational policy research


Use empirical research to investigate current macro education policies in order to develop effective strategies for reliable decision-making

Explore the laws of education development with Chinese characteristics

Identify and address educational problems and needs in order to raise the pedagogical standard and improve educational outcomes for all of the country’s students

Coordinate national educational resources in order to enhance the quality of research

Improve research in education policy and practice, and strengthen NIES’s role in international educational research through extensive cooperation and collaboration

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